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China's Giant Pandas
Panda Cub Born at Bifengxia
Monday, October 31, 2011

Fei Fei, a 16 year old Giant Panda, gave birth on Monday to a healthy cub around 2 pm. Most Giant Pandas give birth sometime between July and September. The cub was born into a semi-wild enclosure at the Bifengxia Panda Reserve near Ya’an. Panda keepers will monitor Fei Fei and her new cub through video cameras.

Su Lin Moves Back to Bifengxia

Su Lin
Thank you to lovecatbear for translating

Word came that recently Su Lin and her cub returned to Bifengxia panda base from Wolong and Zhang Ka and her cub were sent to the reintroduction training base in Wolong to replace them.

On August 20, female panda Zhang Ka gave birth to female twins in a semi-wild environment at Bifengxia panda base. The older twin was with Zhang Ka in a semi-wild enclosure and the other twin was hand-raised in the nursery. Over the past two month, Zhang Ka had been doing a good job taking care of her cub in the semi-wild environment. At 65 days, the cub was healthy and weighed 3,780 grams. As part of the reintroduction program, Su Lin was sent to the reintroduction training base in Wolong early this year and gave birth to a cub on July 7. After the birth, Su Lin was in good mental condition, but as a first-time mother, she was often in trees and spent relatively less time taking care of her cub in the den. Based on observations and data collected on Zhang Ka and Su Lin, the researchers found that Zhang Ka was more suitable to raise her cub at the reintroduction training base in Wolong. So, after much thought, they decided to replace Su Lin by Zhang Ka. On October 23, Su Lin and her cub were sent back to Bifengxia panda base and Zhang Ka and her cub (the older twin) were transferred to Wolong on October 24.

The other two female pandas in Wolong are doing well taking care of their cubs. Jin Zhu, who gave birth to a cub in a semi-wild enclosure, is taking care of her cub very well in the semi-wild environment and will continue to stay in Wolong. Xi Xi, who gave birth to twins, is taking care of her cub well, but since it's still a little difficult for her to take care of two cubs at a time, the researchers are trying to help Xi Xi learn how to take care of twins and will later decide whether she will take care of both twins or only one cub in a semi-wild enclosure.

Sichuan Yingjing First Photograph of a Wild Panda
Thank you to lovecatbear for translating
An adult wild panda was caught by an infrared-triggered camera set up in the Nibashan corridor in Yingjing County, Sichuan Province. The panda stood up on hind legs in front of the camera, shaking its head with its mouth open, and then walked past the camera and up a slope, and disappeared into the bamboo forest. This is the first time a wild panda has been photographed in Yingjing County. To monitor wild pandas in the area, 25 infrared-triggered cameras were set up in the Nibashan corridor.
Panda Protectors

Panda Protector in Texas Raises $150

An 8 year old Panda Protector from Houston, Texas held a Giant Panda birthday party on October 15th. The party, held in a neighborhood park, featured old fashioned games and small Giant Panda prizes. The kids played "pin the tail on the panda," "panda toss," panda pinata, and a game of limbo. In the end she was able to raise $150 for Pennies 4 Pandas. Thank you very much for your wonderful donation!

Panda Videos and Pictures
One of Zhang Ke's Cubs
at BIfengxia

Thank you to Rita for
providing this video
Tai Shan
Thank you to Rita for
providing this video
Adorable Pictures of Shen Bin

Thank you to Rose for the enrichment ball and pictures
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